Personalized entertainment built on personality
With the proliferation of on-demand entertainment, many IFE (inflight entertainment) providers have begun looking for new ways to get noticed in an ever-growing market. Some do it through technology. Some do it through name recognition. And some do it through product features. So, when Zodiac Inflight Innovations came to us to help their IFE product RAVE standout in the crowded market, we took a different approach — through personality.

The lynchpin to the entire rebrand however would not come from its logo or color scheme (although those played an important role), but from a niche, cult character known as Mr. Rave — an anthropomorphized RAVE tablet.

In his original form, Mr. RAVE was a static CG-rendered character that while different, didn’t show it’s true potential. We wanted to make his personality shine more and become the face of RAVE entertainment. So, our solution was to transform him into a fully hand-drawn character (á la a 90s cartoon). With this new look, Mr. RAVE instantly became livelier and more animated. And as a result, helped RAVE as a brand become the center of attention, both metaphorically and literally.