Hungry for Personalization
In recent years, the “Build Your Own” business model has blossomed within the fast food industry, with every new chain seemingly adopting this philosophy. But restaurants offering dine-in experiences haven’t been so quick to jump on board. Except for Stacked. That’s their hook. They pride themselves on their ability to offer fully customized dining — one where anyone can sit down, relax, socialize and build their food from a single tablet.

That single tablet idea however was a bottleneck, and the reason Stacked approached The Buddy Group. They realized that a single ordering tablet wasn’t conducive to large groups. So, we saw that as an opportunity to enhance the group experience by opening up ordering to mobile phones as well. This meant giving the current system a UX/UI and design facelift optimized for mobile. As a result, we crafted an experience where from the comforts of their own phone, anyone at the table can order exactly what they want, when they want.