The pen is mightier than the “S” word.
Let’s be honest: Pens get no respect. It’s the sad truth. But aside from the hardcore pen fanatics out there, very few people actually care what they write with. And this apathy towards pens is only intensified when dispensed into the social media ether. So what’s a pen brand supposed to do on social media?

We knew we could attract the pen-loving, art crowd by posting expected pen-related content...because we already had that crowd following us. But we wanted to expand; to get the mainstream audience (who doesn’t think twice about pens) interested in Pentel. And to achieve that, we decided to get smart, clever, relatable and most importantly funny.

By pairing an irreverently humorous voice with a bold look and feel, we began to see an influx of followers. Along with these followers, the likes, impressions, and overall user engagement began to grow as well. So much so, that there has been about a 200% increase in average likes and comments for each posts, when compared to previous social branding. The results so far have been pretty staggering. But it’s pretty funny what happens when a brand starts to take itself a little less seriously on social media.