Branding Built Around “You”
In recent years, the idea of personalization has become the crux of many industries and business. And when BigRentz came to The Buddy Group, we quickly found out that the equipment rental industry is no different.

We were challenged with strategically and creatively repositioning BigRentz from an internal and external standpoint. This was mainly due to the fact that BigRentz started losing traction when trying to position themselves as changing the industry. But as soon as we started our strategic research, we discovered that they shouldn’t focus on changing their industry, they should focus on empowering people — both the people who work at BigRentz and the people who use BigRentz. In essence they needed to become more personalized.

With that strategic insight in hand, we came up with a new tagline (Built Around You) and created a fully developed brand book — one that:

DEFINED what BigRentz is, what it isn’t, and what it should be.
COMMUNICATED what they say, what they don’t say, and how they say it.
CREATED a unified voice, both verbally and visually.
INSPIRED BigRentz employees to continually produce services and technologies built around people.