Maverick Mondays

Today we're launching a new feature on our social pages called #MaverickMonday. We are excited to highlight the movers and shakers who've challenged the status quo and blazed their own trail. 

For our inaugural post, we selected Ms. Etta James-- a singer known for transcendent performances and groundbreaking vocals. Her tenacity to stand out and succeed even when the cards were stacked against her, has been a source of inspiration to many people, and is the reason our main conference room is named after her. 

Nanette Taylor, our managing director looks back at an unforgettable night with Etta:

"One of my first concerts, I had the great pleasure of seeing Etta James perform in person. I was mesmerized by the power and deep passion in her voice. Her compelling presence was felt by all. It was the only time in my life I have witnessed grown men, from the front row, scream in delight much like 14-years-old girls do for boy bands. It was an iconic moment in my life that I will forever treasure.” 


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by The Buddy Group

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