4 Tips to Building Effective Relationships with Influencers

Are you managing your Influencer relationships right? Read these tips for better content creation and brand awareness across all channels. You can thank us for it later. 

Keep these four tips in mind when building relationships with key influencers. All are helpful in maximizing Influencer relationships, broadening reach and creating effective content.

Tip 1: Research Influencer’s Audience, Reach and Voice.
It’s as simple as becoming a fan. Check out their social platforms. What are they saying and how they present themselves to their audience. It’s not recommended to reach out to an Influencer not understanding, who they are, what they represent as a brand or what type of content they create.

Otherwise it could look something like this: 

Tip 2: Embrace the Influencer’s Unique Voice.
Their audience engages with them for a reason so, it’s important that curated content stays true to the Influencer’s authentic voice. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole will end in ineffective content marketing and consumers will sense “push marketing” from a mile away. Effective content embraces the authenticity of the Influencer and is sprinkled with subtle suggestions relating to the Brand.

Below are effective campaigns that leverage the authentic Influencer voice but still market the brand effectively.

Air Wick partnered with The Sweetest Occasion to create a series of special holiday DIY ideas inspired by their holiday scents.

Epson America partnered with Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest to throw a Wrapping Party.

By integrating labeling into unique and clever gift wrapping ideas they were able to promote the LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit.


Tip 3: Clearly Define the Benefits to the Influencer.
Whether or not there is money to compensate Influencers or content creators, presenting the potential benefits to the Influencer when working on a collaboration will make the opportunity more enticing. It’s important to remember that Influencers, especially those who have a substantial reach and following are also looking to build their audience.

Consider sharing:

  • Brand’s Reach on Social Platforms
  • Brand’s Website Traffic
  • Media Spend for a Campaign & Potential Campaign Reach

Depending on the Influencer, an exchange of content for product may be an option to fall back on especially if there is little to no budget. Before doing so, get a sense of their level of influence. An A-List Influencer may work with a brand for a fee, due to their clout, as opposed to an everyday brand advocate.

Tip 4: Get Influencers Involved in the Amplification Plan.
Help maximize content effectiveness by asking Influencers about their successes and failures launching content on not only their own social platforms but past brands platforms. Their experience working with other brands can be invaluable and help to avoid pitfalls.

For instance, input on running giveaways and sweepstakes can prove to be extremely helpful to brand that is looking to maximize reach, traffic and see ROI.

by The Buddy Group

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