When it comes to change, most hate it. It’s too uncomfortable. It’s too unexpected. It’s too challenging. They’d much rather fall into the safe arms of routine. But let’s face it, routine is excruciatingly boring. It’d be like eating the same damn food for every meal just because it’s a routine. Who would enjoy that?

That’s why
we hate routine.

Instead, we completely embrace change as our driving force. So much so, that we believe we should NOT be doing the same thing six months, or even six weeks from now. It’s how we grow, stay different, and maintain our originality. In fact, change is such an important part of our culture that our entire philosophy is built around the universal symbol for change: a triangle.

This triangle is comprised of us, our clients, and our partners. All are equally important. And together, all are helping change the way people perceive brands, marketing, and anything digital — a digital landscape where it’s survival of the fittest...which is why it’s a good thing we’re so great at adapting.

That’s what makes us The Buddy Group.

And that’s why we’re
constantly evolving
what it means to be
an agency.

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